Sullivan High School PROMINENT ALUMNI

Howard Abrams '55, Professor, Social Work. 

Marilyn Addis Kaplow ‘48, Creator and Editor-in-chief of the 16 page Sullivan Sentinel. Instrumental in starting the 1948 and subsequently other Alumni reunions, which have lasted for 65 years.


Charlotte Adelman ’55, Attorney and author, founding president of the Chicago Chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners, first woman to be presi dent of the North Subban Bar Association, and president of the Women’s Bar Association of Illinois. 

Dr. Joanne Anderson Ramberg ’43, Professor Emeritus, Washburn University, Topeka, Kansas. George Anspaugh Second principal of Sullivan High School and and outstanding administrator who helped prepare hundreds of students for the success they were to achieve in life. 

Paul Ashkenaz 

Bob Atherton ’48, World traveler, mountain climber and fund raiser for the Cystic Fibrosis Research Foundation. Marcia Bailey Vollmarv 

Rena Berke ’53 CEO various construction trade associations, founder School to Work Program in con struction trade, mentor to many woman in business. 

Ira Berkow ’57, Sports writer, Pulitzer prize winner. Donald Berz ’55, With degrees from the University of Colorado and the University of California at Berkeley, has served for 42 years in higher education. Founder and charter member of the Association Of Community College Administrators, and 1977 recipient of the Administrative Excellence And Leadership Award, Chaffey College recognized him in naming the Don Berz Excellence Building. 

George Besbekis 

Marv Beskin ’43, Tennis and basketball star for Sullivan HS and Northwestern University. Chicago High School basketball scoring record. 

Robert Blauner ’46, Professor, author and social activist. 

Byron Bloch ’55, Has workd for over 40 years in auto safety, designing airbags, fuel tanks, roofs, and truck underride guards. He also serves as an expert witness to help car crash victims seek justice in their court cases. To get the word out to the public, he has often appeared on TV news magazine and news programs. 

Phillip Bloomfield ’52, Studied at the University of Chicago, earning a B.A., M.S. and Ph.D. in physics. As a research professor in biomedical engineering at Drexel University in Philadelphia, he holds 8 U.S. patents and has authored over 70 publications. 

Sidney Blumenthal ’65, Writer, presidential advisor under Clinton. 

David Bodanis 

Fred Bondy ’49, A veteran of the Korean War, with his brother began a successful pharmaceutical company and worked there until 2009. He was a long-time proponent of peace, marching with Dr. martin Luther King in 1968 and recognized for his steadfast efforts to preserve Jewish heritage domestically and abroad, as well as working to address fundamental issues of human dignity and sustenance. Mr. Bondy died in 2010. 

Bill Braden ’48, Author, reporter, political analyst and columnist for the Chicago Sun Times 

Zev Braun ’46, Filmmaker 

Betty Brunk ’41 Actor and winner of Mrs. America Pageant in 1943. 

Hal Bruno ’46, Political reporter, foreign correspondent, bureau chief, and director of political 

Judith Byer Mostovoy Attorney, advocate for woman, board member woman’s bar association, president national council of Jewish woman.

Jack Century ’47, preeminent petroleum and environmental geologist, and advocate for low-carbon energy supplies to help our ailing planet. 

Janie Carlin Shless Weisenberg ’44, Civic leader and Executive Director of the Leukemia Research Foundation 

Alfy Cohn ’45, Champion professional bowler. 

Jerome Eisenstadt ’43, Professor of Microbiology & Human Genetics 

Sheila Elias Falb Forest Etheredge ’47, State Senator, founder of Math and Science Academy. 

Blanche Erst ’46, Educator, civic leader, social activist. 

Ellen Everett ’60, Ballet Star, Principal dancer American Ballet Theater

Honorable Lawrence Fisher ’45, Prominent attorney and Chief Judge of the United States Bankruptcy Court of the Northern District of Illinois in Chicago, IL. 

Charles Garvin 

Harry Geisinger '52, Georgia Congressman. 

Sanford Gerber 

Aaron Gold ’55, Writer for Chicago Tribune, Radio & T.V. interviewer. 

Grant Golden ’46, Tennis and basketball star for Sullivan and Northwestern U. Northwestern Hall of Fame. 

Herb Golden ’45, Hollywood producer who won 15 Emmy awards and 20 Television Academy nominations. 

Wayne Goldstein, M.D. 

Sheldon Good ’51, Civic leader and founder of one of the largest international real estate marketing firms in the US. 

Ed Gordon ’48, Internationally acclaimed concert pianist and Executive Director of the Grant Park and Ravinia music festivals. 

Rita Goran Siegal ’51, Rita Siegal founded the Budd Engineering Corporation in 1959 and continues to be its chief executive officer. Also founded and continues to be president of the Easy Living Products Company. 

Leonard Gordon ’43, WWII hero-decorated for valor. 

Leonard Graivier, M.D. ’45 Pediatric surgeon, civic leadership, professor of pediatric surgery, on the surgical team that separated the Siamese twins. 

Ronald Gray 

Bud Green '50, Industrialist, Philanthropist. 

Shecky Green ’44, World recognized entertainer and comedian. 

Al Grossman ’51, Entrepreneur, mentor of high school students and founder of the Dorothy Huck Scholarship Award. 

Joseph Gutman 

Sanford Hahn ’55, Entrepreneur, leading engineering developer and manufacturer of patented products and systems for dispensing liquids and condiments in major installations at many renowned sports arenas and airports, is proud of partnering in a major innovative movement with Shell Oil in an initiative to meet the Environ- mental Protection Agency’s latest requirements. His charitable work includes serving on the philanthropic committee of Sol-El, organizing, promoting and participating in the temple’s charities 

Scott Halling

Harold H. Harrison M.D., PH.D. ’68, National Merit Scholar, researcher and teacher in the area of medical genetics, Medical Director at the University of Arizona College of Medicine, Ph.D. in molecular genetics 

George Heinemann ’36, NBC executive who pioneered children’s programming. 

Bonnie Hiller Lipton 

Danny Hurwitz ’79, All City, All State quarterback for Sullivan during their first and only public school championship. Northwestern University’s football team in 1981 and 1982. 

Dick Hurwitz '48, President Sullivan High School Alumni Association. 

Peter Jacobi ’48, Professor, Journalism and newsman. 

Dr. Jerry Jones ’45, Dental consultant to NASA. Founder of the International Society for Correlative Biologic Research. 

Larry Jonesi '46, Educator. 

Edward Jordan ’55, Circuit Court Judge specializing in domestic law. 

Daniel Joseph 

Howard Kaplan ’59 Attorney, CPA, civic leadership, chairman Illinois Commission of Discrimination & Hate Crimes. 

Stanley J. Karp ’42, General U.S.A.F. Dr. 

Armen Kelikian ’69, Orthopedic Surgeon. Expertise foot ankle & lower leg, Author, team physician Chicago Bears & Blackhawks. Professor at Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine 

Pamela Kimmel Becker ’62, Professional classical guitarist. 

Jerry Kleiner 

Joan Kramer '62, Movie-TV, Producer & Director. 

Marva Kravite Volmer ’45 Famed appraiser and collector of Asian art recognized for her leadership in the arts in New Mexico. 

Melvin 'Mickey' Kupperman '53, Engineer, Businessman. 

Mel Kurlander ’38, WWII hero who flew 79 missions, won five air medals and the Distinguished Flying Cross. 

Dr. Irv Leonard

Theodore Lettvin ’45, World famous concert pianist 

Charles Leven ’45 Academia, economist and consultant. Federal reserve Bank of Chicago, Government, United Nations. 

Honorable Ian Levin ’57, Federal Judge. 

Lou Levy ’45, Jazz pianist and accompanist for singers Ella Fitzgerald and Peggy Lee. 

Karen Lipschultz DeCrow, ’43, Prominent attorney and author specializing in civil liberties, employment, gender and age discrimination. Board member and former National President of NOW.

Robert Litvin

Jack Lloyd ’45 Entertainment, actor, director, writer, producer, promoted celebrity golf tournaments. 

Ada Lynn ’44, Actress and entertainer, at age 7 toured the Vaudeville circuit from coast to coast with her mother as chaperone. Shared the bill with Cab Calloway, the Mills Brothers and the Ink Spots. Acting roles included working with Hal Roach’s famed “Our Gang” comedies and roles as Lee Harvey Oswald’s mother in JFK and Yente in Fiddler on the Roof. She currently performs her original material at charities, synagogues and retirement homes. 

Herb Lyons ’36, Nationally syndicated columnist whose "Tower Ticker" was a long-time fixture in the Chicago Tribune. 

Jack MacKinzie ’39 Chicago Daily News All City, All State halfback from Sullivan. Played football for Northwestern U in 1941 and 1942. Played professional football with the Chicago Cardinals in 1947. 

Frank Magid ’48, A veteran of Korea, became a professor of psychology, anthropology and statistics at COE College in Iowa. As a TV consultant, pioneered the action news format in the 1970’s and his firm developed “Good Morning America” for ABC. Served on the boards of the Smithsonian, the Ensemble Theatre and the Cedar Rapids Airport Commission. Mr. Magid died in 2010. 

Irwin Marcus ’36, Graduate of University of Illinois Medical School and Illinois Institute of Technology, with postgraduate work at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons and served on the resident staff of Cook County Hospital. After volunteering for the Army, served with an evac hospital during World War II as Chief of head injury trauma, and after the war was founding president of the Child/Adolescent Department at Tulane University Medical School, as well as a number of professional organizations. Named one of the ten most outstanding persons in New Orleans by the Family Service Society, he has published four books and 80 articles. 

Ralph Margolis Physical education teacher and Sullivan’s first football, swimming and track coach who developed spirit and pride among Sullivan students. 

Judith Markowitz ’68, A leader in the speech technology field, Dr. Markoitz is recognized internationally as the leading independent analyst in voice based biometrics, speaker verification and identification. Clients include IBM, Phillips And Motorola. 

Dick Marx ’41, Famous composer and pianist. 

Michael Masser ’59, Song writer and producer, came to fame with “Touch Me In The Morning” sung by Diana Ross. Some of his other hits are “Love Language,” “Hold Me” for Whitney Houston, “The Greatest Love Of All,” “Saving All My Love,” “Didn't We Almost Have It All.” He has written for Roberta Flack, Neil Diamond, Natalie Cole and Barbra Streisand. Motown recently paid tribute to him, and he was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame In June 2007. 

Peter Meyers ’65 Attorney, politics, academia, arbitrator, alderman, leader in alternative dispute resolution for businesses. 

Beverly Miller Krause 

Jay Miller ‘45, Reporter, labor organizer, peace activist and civil rights advocate. Jay was director of the California Affiliate of the American Civil Liberties Union, (ACLU) for 10 years, Associate Legislative Director with the Washington, DC, ACLU staff for 3 years and Director of the Illinois Affiliate of the ACLU in Chicago for 22 years. 

Larry Miller ’48, Educator and coach 

Marc Miller ’69, Cinematographer, Cameraman embedded with troops in Iraq 2005. Teaches workshops on film making & camera techniques 

Clayton Moore ’32, Starred in the Lone Ranger TV series and two movies. 

Robert Morris ’44, Civic and philanthropic leader with Boy Scouts and religious causes. 

Joy Newberger Picus ’47, Elected four terms to the Los Angeles City Council and leader in the area of Child Care, Elder Care and Labor Relations for Los Angeles’ municipal employees. 

Danny Newman ’36, Director, Chicago Lyric Opera. 

Charles Nicademus ’48, feisty and heroic investigative reporter for the Chicago Daily News and Chicago Sun-Times. He wrote relentlessly about what he saw as abuses by both government and commercial interests, and he stood up for the little guy. He retired at age 77, and died in October of 2008. 

Charles Percy ’34, Three term United States Senator from Illinois. 

Ted Perlman '55, Businessman. 

J.B. Pinski '52, Dermatologist, Worldwide Lecturer, Retired Captian U.S. Army. 

Alex Pinsky ’46, Business, civic leader and mentor. 

Mike Pols ’60, Coach/Educator 

Ginny Powell ’42, Well known professional singer with the big bands of the 1940s. 

Marcia Raff ’49, Sculptor. 

Richard Ressman ’59, Orthopedic surgeon and photographer. 

Lee Richardson ’44, Well known stage and screen actor in the ’40’s 

Dewey Robinson ’73, pitched for the Chicago White Sox in 1979 through 1981, then coached at Northwestern University He went back to White Sox for 10 years, and has been a pitching coach with the Houston Astros since 1997. 

"Pop" Rogers Beloved Sullivan print shop teacher who influenced students in their quest for future success. 

Lt. Commander Jack Rothbart ’36, War hero in WWII, the Korean War and the Vietnam War and was a Court Magistrate in Ohio County, West Virginia for 20 years. 

Norman Rothbart ’40, Civic leader. 

Stanley Sacks ’60, A judge since 1989, graduated first in his class at John Marshall Law School. A leading criminal courts judge, Sacks has dealt with many high-profile cases and frequently speaks on criminal law and civic leadership law. 

Neal Samors ’61, Author & publisher. 

Jan Schakowsky ’62, Elected in 1998 to the 9th district of the U.S. Congress. Was Illinois State Representative from the 18th District for eight years. An advocate for economic and social justice. 

Ada Schloss Lynn ’44, Professional singer, actor, entertainer and stand-in for Shirley Temple. 

Lawrence Schonberger ’61, Medicine, public health science, National Center for Infectious disease Control, and Prevention. 

Philip Seiden ’51 Scientist, physics, astrophysics, immunology. 

Gordon Segal ’56, The founder of Crate and Barrel in 1962, and has served on the board on many organizations, including the Art Institute, the Chicago History Museum, Children’s Memorial Hospital, the Golden Apple and the Lyric Opera. 

Jeffery Siegel ’61, Musician, piano soloist and conductor. 

Joseph Siegman ’52. T.V. and movie producer and agent. 

Gene Silverberg

Mitchell Slotnick 

Dan Sorkin ’45, Noted disc jockey in Chicago on radio station WBBM. 

Robert Stavins ’65, Professor Harvard and environmentalist. 

Honorable Robert Steigman 62, Author, professor and Justice of the Illinois,4th District Appellate Court. 

Hazel Wagner 

Lois Traub Wallman ’51, Artist, sculptor and educator. 

Jack Walsh ’48, Criminologist, Chicago Deputy Chief of Police. 

Joel Weisman ’60, a popular and well-respected Emmy award winning TV host and commentator for over 30 years in Chicago, mostly with WGN-TV, and he currently hosts “Chicago Tonight: The Week in Review” on WTTW (the PBS channel). 

Robert Neville White 

Jennie Williams Dincecco ’50, Listed in the Silver Who’s Who in the World which profiles accomplished men and women. With a Ph.D. in psycho educational diagnostics and human growth and development, she taught at Barat and the National College of Education, and coordinated programs for children of migrant workers from Mexico 

Larry Williams 

Richard Wishner 

Chester Zielenski ’52, Decorated Air Force Lt. Colonel. Now funds educational programs. 

Prominent Alumni


The Sullivan High School Alumni Association has honored many former Sullivanites by inducting them into the Prominent Alumni program. Below you can find a list of those who have been so honored, as well as links to articles about the most recent inductees.

The Committee is interested in expanding its ranks to include Sullivanites who graduated in years other than the members listed here, particularly from the '50's, 60's and up.